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Alan Rabinowitz started his professional career as an illustrator after graduating Rochester Institute of Technology in 1991 with a BFA in Painting and Illustration. His first job right out of school was for two covers for Marvel Comics - Conan Magazines.

He has since trained under his mentor of 6 years John F. Murray at The School of Visual Arts and the John F. Murray School of Art. He studied a traditional academic approach to Drawing and Painting that can be traced back to Jean Leon Gerome and other 19th Century French Academicians at the Ecole de Beau Arts in France. This training technique is known as the Riley Method. The Riley Method was taught to John Murray by Frank Riley at The Art Students League of New York.

During and after Alan's training, he has developed a steady working relationship with many of his clients, most of which are top tier companies in their perspective industries. He has illustrated Book Covers, Calendars, Coffee Mugs, Portraits, Card Game Illustrations, Magazine Covers, Interior Illustrations and more. His work here will speak for itself as far as quality, photo-realism, and digital art go.

"I have always been inspired by traditional, classical and academic works of art. I enjoy the 'intellectual' painters, especially those of the 19th century, as well as the Old Masters. I also love creating my own worlds, painting the characters and their environments as I envision them."

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